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Kinklabs Agent Noir Electro Erotic Neon Wand Kit

Kinklabs Agent Noir Electro Erotic Neon Wand Kit


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Have You Seen the Shocking New Electro Neon Wand Kit?

Kinklabs has released the perfect kit for electro-junkies of all experience levels. The new Neon Wand Kit is sure to dazzle and daze you and your partner over and over again with its electric touch.

The erotically designed wand with over twenty years of research, is very user-friendly and easy to manage. Simply plug it in and it's ready to shock and tingle.

The 6 different glass electro bulbs attach to the wand to deliver a variety of shocks and sensations. The larger more bulbous electrodes give a warm, tingly feeling. And the more pointy bulbs induct an intense shock for exciting sensation-inducing pleasure.

Turn your partner into a 'human electrode' by connecting the Power Tripper to them. The energy flows through their body. Any point of their skin and any metal object they hold can be used to shock you! Try different household objects to get different spine-tingling sensations.

First Blush Benefits

  • Neon Wand Delivers Supreme Tingling Sensations for Ultra Pleasure
  • Neon Wand is Great for Beginners and Very User-Friendly
  • 6 Different Glass Electrodes Attach to the Wand for Custom Shock Power
  • Power Tripper Turns Your Playmate Into A Human Electrode
  • Any Metal Object Held Turns Instantly Into a New Shocker!
  • Electro Whip, Pinwheel, and Rolling Drum Deliver Luscious Sensations
  • In-Depth & Easy to Use User-Manual, Cleaning Instructions, and Travel Case Included

Included in the kit is the Electro Whip, Pinwheel, and Rolling Drum which can be held by the 'human electrode' for unique electro-stimulus experiences.

This kit is extremely easy to use and has a very detailed user manual, instructions and a handy travel case.

Order your Kinklabs Agent Noir Neon Wand Kit right now and experience the thrilling power of electricity.

Product Specifications

  • Power: A/C 120V
  • Weight: 5.75 pounds
  • Includes: 1 x Neon Wand, 1 x Power Tripper, Glass Electrodes: Bulb, Comb, Tongue, Mushroom, Probe, 90 Degree Probe, 1 x Electro Whip, 1 x Pinwheel, 1 x Rolling Drum, 1 x Pair of Metal Cuffs


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