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Have You Tried the Dual Function Icicles No. 38 Whip & Dildo? The new Icicles No. 38 Glass Handled Whip & Dildo is the perfect toy for BDSM players and kink enthusiasts alike. This superior cat-o'-nine tails whip can be used to tickle and stimulate your partner. And when they're being naughty, give the whip a firm snap. At 18"...

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The First Luxury Whip for Beginner & Advanced S&M Players Tickle and tease your lover with the new LELO Senusa Suede Whip. The foremost designer of luxury vibrators, LELO has dipped its foot into the waters of S&M play. Use this gentle and seductive whip to tame your unruly partner by stimulating their most sensitive areas. With 40 suede tails,...

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Take Charge in the Bedroom Are you going to be the one gripping the whip or do you plan to hand the reigns over to your partner so they can punish you? The decision is up to you and your significant other, or whoever can get to the whip the fastest. While the whip’s tassels and shaft are soft, there...

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Have You’ve Been Naughty or Nice? You’ll know for sure when you use the Booty Parlor Good Girl/Bad Girl Feather Whipper! Get rewarded with delicate feathers tickling your most sensitive areas, giving you intense stimulation and mind-boggling arousal. Or be punished with the rubber-strands whipper and the black leather spanker. Because a bad girl needs a good, hot whipping and...