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Water Based Lubricants

If you need an all-purpose lubricant, you can’t go wrong with a water-based lube. Water-based lubricants are compatible with any toy material, including silicone—you won’t have to worry about damage to your toys. Water based lubes are tolerated by most individuals, as it’s non-reactive. Make sure you always keep some on hand so you’re always ready to play.

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Silky-Soft & Luxurious Lubricant for Everyday Use! Treat yourself to the benefits of healthy skin with our new LELO Personal Moisturizing Lubricant. From our luxury line of LELO products, this Personal Lubricant is completely water-based for absolutely no mess and sticky-free cleaning. This unscented lubricant contains no paraben or glycerin so you can use this on a daily basis, worry-free. First...

$10.99 $15.99
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One-of-a-Kind Water-Based Lubricant! Looking for an extra slippery, long-lasting, personal lubricant? Then look no further because System JO, the premier lube masters, have created the ultimate slip-and-slide experience Made completely in the USA, H2O Lubricant gets you out of rough patches quick! First Blush Benefits 100% Water-Based for Extra Slipperiness Made in the USA No Scent, No Color, & No...

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What's It Like to Walk on Water? The new Astroglide Lubricant is one-of-a-kind, with it's specially formulated, long-lasting formula. The slick, non-sticky liquid allows you to slip and slide right where you need to go. Trust us, your hand, partner, or toy will be thanking us! First Blush Benefits Enhances Pleasure & Sensation Completely Water-Based 100% Safe For Skin &...

In Stock

Introducing the "Industry Standard" Lube of the Last 40 Years! Ever wonder what kind of lube the pros use? How does it last so long during those long photo shoots? The answer will shock you. Adam & Eve have finally released their "industry standard" lube to the public. Now you can last as long as the pros without re-applying. First...

In Stock

Ultra Slick for the Best Sexual Experiences This ultra moisturizing lube will make you tantalizingly slick and smooth and allow you to enjoy all your sexual adventures in any position, with or without toys. A small squirt of this high-quality moisturizing lube will have you wet in no time for fun that can go on all night. First Blush Benefits...

In Stock

Let the Backdoor Adventures Begin! It's time to bend over and get buck wild with the Sliquid Sassy Booty Natural Gel Lubricant. This smooth, silky lubricant is the ideal addition to your naughty bedtime needs, especially if you or a playmate is looking for anal pleasure they won't soon forget.  Enjoy a water-based lubricant that feels light and comfortable, and...

In Stock

Ready to Polish Your Rifle? The best lubricant you can get: The Gun Oil H2O from Empowered Products is amazingly slick and stays that way longer. It’s so good, you won’t believe it’s actually a water-based lubricant! These guys have put in work to making a wonderfully luxurious lubricant that’s not only smooth and enjoyable, it’s also easy to clean...

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Blending the Best of Both for a Sensational Experience The Hybrid Personal Lubricant from System Jo blends both water- and silicone-based ingredients to create a formula that will provide extraordinary pleasure to your sexual activities.   Whether you are enjoying the lube on your solo adventures or with your partner, this hybrid lube will provide a glorious smoothness for truly...

In Stock

Delayed Satisfaction for You & Your Lover Build up to the ultimate orgasm with this delay gel to please you and your lover. Using only natural ingredients, this fantastic delay gel will allow men to delay their satisfaction for prolonged sexual shenanigans. Both you and your lover won’t be disappointed and when it comes you will enjoy a mindblowing orgasm....

In Stock

So Your Partner's Out of Town, Huh? You're bored. There's nothing on TV. You're thinking about just turning in for the night. (A Friday night!) And you've had a long day at work. And your partner had to go away on a business trip. You think for a minute. You remember that amazing tingling lube you bought last month. Where...

In Stock

Combine comfort with quality for the ultimate pleasure. How important is a quality lubricant? Very - not only does it help making sure your toys are kept in the best condition possible, you should always purchase a lubricant that has no added perfumes and is completely free from preservatives and comedogenic oils. And that’s exactly what We-Vibe Water-Based Personal Lubricant...