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Upsell Clitoral

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Looking for a Little Something Extra When You Play? Our new Intimate Earth's Intense Clitoral Simulating Gel will have you moaning with pleasure with just a dab. Simply add a small droplet to your finger and apply directly onto your clitoris. Feel as the intense tingling sensations begin. Play as you usually would and you'll definitely notice an extra kick...


One-of-a-Kind Water-Based Lubricant! Looking for an extra slippery, long-lasting, personal lubricant? Then look no further because System JO, the premier lube masters, have created the ultimate slip-and-slide experience Made completely in the USA, H2O Lubricant gets you out of rough patches quick! First Blush Benefits 100% Water-Based for Extra Slipperiness Made in the USA No Scent, No Color, & No...

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Toy Cleaning Made Quick & Easy! Cal Exotic's new Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner makes all your toys germ and bacteria free! Perfect after vaginal and anal play, you'll never have to worry about your playtime hygiene again. First Blush Benefits Cleans & Disinfects All Toys Easy Spray Bottle for Targeted Cleaning Simply press the spray nozzle to target the clear, scentless...