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Thrusting Vibrators

There’s nothing quite like a vibrator that does it all—and a thrusting vibrator definitely takes care of business. Enjoy a mind-blowing evening of personal pleasure with a toy that takes your satisfaction to a whole new level!

Thrusting vibrators come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. The one thing that sets them apart from the rest is their ability to introduce a thrusting motion all on their own! Talk about hands-free pleasure.

Control the thrusting speed and intensity with controls that are simple to use and easy to reach. Depending on the thrusting vibrator you choose, your naughty toy might also come with tickling rabbit ears, different vibration speeds and more.

Use one on your own, or give a playmate all of the control. With a thrusting vibrator, you’re sure to reach all of your most pleasurable areas with ease!

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The Newest Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator! Get ravished with the new Ultimate Deep Stroker Dual Motor Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator. This luxuriously designed vibe is an improvement on the original classic. Simply turn on the vibrations and cycle through the three different speeds to find the one that suits you best. Independently control the mind-blowing thrusting action to get absolutely stunningly lifelike...

In Stock

Deeper...Deeper! You won't be able to go back to your old vibrators once you've tried the Dual Action Thrusting Orgasms Bunny Vibe. This dual vibrator will penetrate deep and hard, giving you the most satisfying orgasms! Equipped with a bunny design clitoral stimulator, you'll experience all forms of pleasure as this vibrator goes to work. Also, with 8 independent thrust...

$99.99 $120.00
In Stock

Do You Want to Know the #1 Thing Needed for a Purrfect Orgasm? Step into California Exotic's Purring Panther rabbit vibrator. If you're looking for the highest quality and most powerful rabbit on the market, you've found it. In fact, it's so powerful they've decided to call it a Panther instead of a rabbit! Intrigued? Slip the Panther inside of you...

$489.99 $652.99
In Stock

Don’t forget to pack this bag full of intense pleasure! An absolutely ingenious pleasure tool offering boundless indulgence in solo situations, and exceptional options for shared play, Pipedream's Fetish Fantasy International Portable Sex Machine will certainly recreate some favorite fantasies, heightening your sex life to fabulous new levels. The Sex Machine itself is a petite, lightweight unit packing incredible power...

In Stock

Prepare to Squeal With the Ultimate Pleasure Seeker! It's time ladies, to be teased and tickled to the most amazing climax ever! Enjoy back-bending pleasure with a vibrator that really knows all of your most pleasurable points! This rabbit vibrator holds nothing back, hitting all of the right spots and letting you take control the entire way. This playful prop...

In Stock

"The Original Jack Rabbit With New Thrusting Action!" The newest upgrade to the original Jack Rabbit vibe now includes a highly erotic thrusting action, designed to make you moan! With tons of adjustable functions, we're sure you'll find the absolute perfect setting for your insane rush of pleasure sensation. But guess what else. The instant on/off switch insures that when...

In Stock

The tip thrusts deep as it vibrates to give you total satisfaction. The Deep Stroker features a long, thick shaft with ridges that thrust the head deeper inside you as you play. The vibrating butterfly envelops your clit and labia on the outside, tickling and stimulating as it flutters. An easy-to-use remote panel lets you control the many speeds and...

In Stock

It thrusts, rotates, and vibrates to satisfy every whim. Turn on the Deep Stroker Rabbit Vibe to enjoy all the bells and whistles a vibe can offer. The bulging head thrusts to penetrate, while the thick shaft has rotating beads that massage your g-spot as they swirl. To top it off, the rabbit ears tickle and vibrate your clit for...

$98.00 $131.99
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Want a Hands-Free Vibration Experience? Give yourself triple the pleasure with the new Remote Control Thrusting Rabbit Pearl Vibrator. This luxurious vibe will make your next play session amazingly sensual! With seven different patterns of vibration and seven different modes of pulsation, you'll find the perfect combination to send you over the edge. This highly versatile vibe makes achieving your big-O...

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Drown in the river of erotic play with the breath taking sensations of this thrusting vibe The Enchanted Thrusting Bunny Vibe by California Exotics is an intriguing reformation of the classic dual stimulation bunny vibrator which essentially makes it a power packed toy. The main body of the transparent pink vibe is idyllically designed for deep penetration. Its spherical tip...

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Feel the orgasmic bliss with the thrusting butterfly vibe. The Enchanted Butterfly Vibe is a delightful addition in the California Exotics collection. Made with supple, sleek, high end elastomer material, a long, purple thrusting shaft embedded with waves of rotating massaging beads not only forms the main body of the thrusting vibe but also tenderly massages your inner sweet spots....

Sorry, Out of Stock

Brace the storm of pounding pleasure courtesy of the Thrusting Elle vibe This enjoyable product brought to you by California Exotics from its Enchanted thrusting vibes line is ideally suited for even the most demanding women. Its balanced mix of vibrating, rotating and thrusting actions will not drive you crazy but will also enable you experience the most difficult orgasms....