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TENGA Masturbators


You’ve Had A Long Day – It’s Time to Enjoy Yourself! Unwind and relax to the intense stimulations and sensations of the Tenga Egg – Silky. Its patented technology and easy-to-use design allows you to unwrap one any time and anywhere, and simply melt with pleasure. The Silky Tenga Egg consists of randomly placed delicate and soft ribs giving you...


"Scientifically Designed Webbed Interior for Perfect Stroking" Crack open the TENGA Egg - Spider to find ultimate pleasure hiding inside! Your new Spider features a lip-biting webbed internal love tunnel which encases and enwraps your cock with spine-tingling sensations. The amazing ribbed, fibrous strands grip and suck on your cock better than anything you've ever experienced. And the hyper realistic...

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Look! Now You Can Buy The Best Male Masturbator With 3X Crazy Suction Settings! TENGA, with its highly innovative designs and well-respected reputation has finally released their new Flip-Hole male masturbator. Designed with men in mind, this masturbator will make you come again, and again, and again with its patented tri-pressure system. With the simple push of a button you...

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How Do You Like Your Eggs? Cook up a storm with the new TENGA Egg - Thunder. This highly anticipated Egg combines the classic TENGA design with a new, powerful Thunder-like texture. As with our other TENGA Eggs, this egg stretches to a full 12" in length to handle any and all sizes. The perfectly engineered jelly rubber material clings...

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Do You Know What's Better Than A TENGA Egg? 6 TENGA Eggs! Yep, that's right. Now you get six of the most insane TENGA Eggs, saving cash, saving time, and making your sex life a whole lot more interesting. Here's the Eggs you'll get in each package to get: Wavy:  Rippled and ribbed interior makes for intense orgasmic relief! Clicker:...