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Stimulating Lubricants

Lubricants add some much-needed slippery action to your sensual activities, and we have stimulating lubricants that can create even more fun. Look for lubricants that can cool you down, warm you up, or simply arouse you with its touch. These lubricants are meant to stimulate the clitoris, G-spot, shaft, and anus. Try one out and see how it feels.

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Give Your G-Spot the Ultimate Experience! Your G-spot works hard to give you undeniable pleasure; show it some appreciation tonight by using Intimate Earth Discover G-Spot Sensitivity Gel! This unique item works to increase the sensitivity levels of your G-spot, creating even more mind-blowing climaxes than you've ever experienced before! Whether you're just trying out a naughty gel for the...

3 reviews
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Looking to Increase Your Blowjob Intensity by 10X? Here's How... Blowjobs are an important part of every man's sexual experience. And guess what? They're important for girls too! She wants to please you and show you she cares. So how can you make the experience 10X better for both of you? The solution is really simple. First Blush Benefits 100% Safe...

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This secret blend of essential oils will send shockwaves through the most sensitive parts of your body. Women sometimes need a little bit of attention to find true pleasure in the bedroom, and the ON Natural Arousal Balm does just that. This unique and secret blend of natural essential oils electrifies her clitoris and increases sensation and desire. First Blush...

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Relive That First Experience Make every time feel like the first time with Liquid Virgin! This lube contracts the vagina to give an amazingly tight and wet sensation. You man will be feeling more stimulation than ever when his penis is squeezed by your walls. On top of that, he’ll be sliding smoothly in and out thanks to this lubricant’s...

3 reviews
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Do You Like to Squirm & Think Dirty Thoughts? We thought so. Bored at work? The cream comes in a small 1 oz. bottle so that you can take it anywhere. Just apply a small dab of the cream to your clitoris or labia and you won't be able to sit still.Your boss will wonder why your face is flushed...

1 review
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So Your Partner's Out of Town, Huh? You're bored. There's nothing on TV. You're thinking about just turning in for the night. (A Friday night!) And you've had a long day at work. And your partner had to go away on a business trip. You think for a minute. You remember that amazing tingling lube you bought last month. Where...