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SI Novelties

What you get with Si Novelties is years of experience in the adult novelty industry. Si Novelties creates a wide range of products for both men and women, including cock rings, vibrators, and dildos. We’re sure you’ll get a thrill from any of Si Novelties’ products—in fact, you may want to try a little bit of everything! This widely recognized company, based on the west coast, has mastered the art of toy creation and wants to share it with you! We’re positive you’ll be moaning and wanting in no time. Go on, give it a try—it’s loads of fun!

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Can't Find Something That Can Contain The Beast? Don’t worry, Ignite has you covered. Try their Power Stretch Donut Cock Ring and you’ll never have to worry about breaking another cock ring again. It comes in a classic donut shape, so there’s no fuss or complicated designs. Ignite is keeping it simple and clean so you can enjoy without any...