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Riding Crop

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Does Someone Need a Spanking? Give your naughty partner a good spanking with the new First Time Fetish Riding Crop! This classically designed crop is perfect for beginners and advanced BDSM and fetish enthusiasts alike. Its ultra durable shaft is perfect for giving teasing little spanks or hard lashings. First Blush Benefits Classic Riding Crop Sleek & Firm, Perfect for...

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At the Touch of Leather, I Quiver and Gasp. He Flicks the Crop and it Hits that Sweet Spot with a Sharp Slap, Until Finally, That's It - I Can Take No More - And I Come, Gloriously, Shouting My Release. —E.L. James, Fifty Shades of Grey Have your lover dominate and whip you into a frenzy with the new...

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Aching for a Riding? Let your fantasies run wild with the new Sex & Mischief Riding Crop. This stylish and erotic crop is perfect for giving your lover a little extra love. Its perfectly designed vinyl crop will leave a nice red mark on your partner's naughty behind. Give them a little tickle; slowly drag the riding crop over their...