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Penguin Random House

Penguin Random House is indeed a powerhouse in the literary world. They control over 250 independent imprints and want to encourage a passion for reading. For those of you readers who want something a little more naughty, Penguin Random House has you covered. Publisher of the infamous Fifty Shades trilogy, Penguin Random House has made a name for themselves in the area of romance and erotica. For those who haven’t read in a while, maybe it’s time to pick up something a little scandalous and light a spark in your sex life. After all, there’s nothing quite like a little dirty talk to get you in the mood.

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He wants her back. No rules, no punishments, and no more secrets. But is that really what will happen? What better way to start your Fifty Shades fantasy than with reading the real deal - the Fifty Shades trilogy has taken over the world, but now you have the chance to indulge in your own with our collections, which include...