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Prostate Stimulator

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What Do You Think of the Most Popular Male Sex Toy EVER? Over a MILLION men can't be wrong about this one. The new Aneros Eupho Syn is the premier male prostate toy. Made completely in the USA, the Eupho Syn is the perfect toy for curious beginners and advanced anal practicioners alike. Take your orgasms to the next level...

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Have You Heard of the Shockingly Simple & Easy-to-Use New E-Stim Prostate Toy? Mystim's new Twisting Tom prostate pleaser was designed with men in mind. With its anatomically engineered p-spot handle it will tickle and massage you into an orgasmic frenzy. Its irresistible flared base shocks and teases your perineum, that often ignored erogenous zone, to give you the most...

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Are You Ready... for the Most Intense Orgasm Ever? The new Classix Prostate Stimulator from Pipedream will have your toes curling with pleasure and your spine arching in ecstasy. Simply apply a dab of lube and insert the toy. Its wavy shaft relaxes and stimulates all your most pleasurable nerve endings. The ergonomically designed head rests against your prostate, delivering...

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"The Gentleman's All-Purpose Luxury Prostate Stimulator" The new Lux LX3+ brings sleek and fashionable comfort to the prostate toy arena. This amazing stimulator easily inserts with a small dab of lube to bring you intense, spine-arching pleasure. Slip the LX3+ inside and feel the silky soft and smooth silicone head pressing gently against your prostate. The perineum tab rests against...

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Do You Want to Experience Amazing Prostate Stimulation? Have you ever been curious about what a prostate massage might feel like? Looking for something that can help you ease your way into that kind of stimulation? Look no further; the Vibrating Prostate Stimulator by Pipedream Products is the perfect tool to open your doors to the wonderfully orgasmic prostate massage....

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What's 1 Thing Over 1,000,000 Men Agree Upon? It's that the Aneros Helix is by far the best prostate massager on the market. With its uniquely curved shape, the Helix is fast becoming the new prostate design standard in the industry. Small enough to fit in your hand, this is the perfect toy to take with you on your weekend get-away...

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Want to Know the Secret 1,000,000+ Men Know For Taking Their Orgasm from Wow to WOW? Welcome to the Progasm, by far the most used prostate stimulator. With thousands of raving reviews, you can't go wrong with this toy. Its ergonomically and anatomically designed shaft features a smooth bulbous head perfectly made to massage and caress your p-spot. It will...

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Turn Your Orgasm Up from 8/10 to 11/10 Instantly! You can't deny that Aneros is responsible for making some of the best-loved p-spot play toys! And the MGX is absolutely no exception. With its signature flared base, the MGX delivers extemely potent prostate stimulation, making you fall on the bed with pleasure. The MGX is anatomically designed to find and massage...