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For those of you who are passionate about the environment, you should take a closer look at Paradise Products. Everything they make is made with care and natural, eco-friendly ingredients and processes. Their line of body care items are made with only ingredients found in nature, allowing you to enjoy the sensual nature of their products while knowing that it has been produced with minimal impact on the environment. Support sustainability with earth-friendly oils and lubricants that can enhance your intimacy with a lover. Give Paradise Products a try and see what a different going all natural can do for you.

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Thick and long-lasting - a perfect moisturizer for your toys. Astroglide is a heavy-duty, long-lasting lubricant that’s extremely easy to apply. All you need is a small drop! It effortlessly glides during anal play and fits into any sex activity. The Astroglide keeps the material of your toys maintained and high-quality. The water-based formula is perfectly compatible with all condom...

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Furiously Rough, Furiously Good! Imagine the sound of a roaring engine, feeling the wind on your face while on your bike in the middle of the night – the rush of adrenaline and excitement. That’s what it’s like using the Rough Rider Studded Condom. The condom is covered with studs for extra stimulation; these bad boys will run chills down...

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Blossom Organics Warm Sensation Lubricant is a healthful, body-conscious offering that blends perfectly with the body's own lubrication, maintaining pH while providing lots of silky glide and subtle heat to the sensual activity of choice.Extremely versatile and safe to enjoy with all toy materials and latex condoms, Blossom Warm Sensation lube is also a fantastic choice for skin to skin...

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Drown in the rivers of shooting pleasure that results from a innocuous play with the allure vibe If you're unsure about which kind of vibe to try for a beginner’s level, then look no further. Like its name suggests, the smooth phallic Durex Play Allure Vibrator is styled to provide maximum attainable pleasure to the novice or seasoned players alike....

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Completely natural, moisturizing and incredibly silky.  If you’re looking for a high-quality natural moisturizing lubricant, the Blossom Organics collection is perfect for you. Free from any artificial and potentially irritating ingredients, this lubricant is nourishing and soothing, perfect for sensitive skin that’s prone to irritation. The perfect blend of some of the best ingredients, this lubricant offers an incredible moisturizing...

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 Vegan-friendly, scent-free, and completely sensational! Completely natural and free from any artificial and potentially irritating ingredients! This lubricant is packed with versatile ingredients that will nourish and soothe your body. They’re scent-free and perfect for those prone to irritation. Blossom Organics specializes in creating healthy, body-conscious products that blend with the body’s own scent and pH.  First Blush Benefits Versatile...

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Simple & Discreet Vibrator Takes the Industry by Storm! Trojan's new Ultra Touch finger vibrator is your new perfectly discreet toy. Your parents, siblings, roommates, boyfriend, fact anyone, will never be able to find it! Your little Touch Finger slips easily into her little bag and can be stored away somewhere safe. First Blush Benefits Simple & Discreet Vibrator,...