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Nipple Toys

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"Do You Want Hard, Erect, Sensitive, & Sensual Feeling Nipples?" The new Vibrating Nipple Pumps from the Fetish Fantasy Series are the perfect toy for anyone looking to get that pumped, stiff, and erect nipple look. Great for beginners, these pumps and be used individually for the perfect pressure level for each nipple. And when you're all ready, turn on...

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Are Your Girls Getting the Attention They Deserve? Give your lover a treat with the new Fetish Fantasy Series Nipple Bull Rings. These sexy gold or silver rings will tease and titillate your nips into perky, hot balls of fire! Simply attach the rings to your nipples and feel yourself immediately turn on. And we guarantee your partner is going...

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Let Your Partner's Eyes Feast on You! With the new Limited Edition Nipple & Clit Jewelry your partner won't be able to take his eyes off of you! Simply and gently attach each of the clamps to your nipples and feel the increased pressure and pleasure. Your nipples will absolutely love all the attention they're getting! But don't forget about...

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Nips Need Noticing? The new Rock Hard Nipple Clamps will keep your nipples standing at attention. With this super comfortable pair of clamps, you'll be getting all the nipple play you've always wanted! Your nips will be rock-hard and fully erect and ready for your partner to lovingly touch, tease, nibble, and lick them! First Blush Benefits Increase Nipple Arousal...