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The condom. It hasn't changed much in 150+ years... Until now! Introducing Lelo HEX: The world's first reinforced condom. Boasting a honeycomb structure, these condoms are super-strong and super-thin for top-notch protection which feels amazingly natural. Nicknamed the "re-engineered condom", Lelo has taken inspiration from strong-yet-light structures found in nature and graphene* to create its innovative new prophylactic. With 350...


Furiously Rough, Furiously Good! Imagine the sound of a roaring engine, feeling the wind on your face while on your bike in the middle of the night – the rush of adrenaline and excitement. That’s what it’s like using the Rough Rider Studded Condom. The condom is covered with studs for extra stimulation; these bad boys will run chills down...

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What's the Secret to More Enjoyable Safe Sex? Gets some flavored condoms and take your sexual experience to the next level! These tasty condoms from Hott are great for adding an extra level of excitement and fun while keeping sex safe. Lubricated for maximum stimulation and deliciously flavored, you’ll never have to worry about safe sex being boring ever again! First...