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Do You Like to Squirm & Think Dirty Thoughts? We thought so. Bored at work? The cream comes in a small 1 oz. bottle so that you can take it anywhere. Just apply a small dab of the cream to your clitoris or labia and you won't be able to sit still.Your boss will wonder why your face is flushed...

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You Don’t Need Pills to Stay Harder Longer! You just need Colt Sta-Hard Cream, a special cream that’s designed to desensitize your penis, allowing you to last longer in bed and satisfy your lover! Don’t be the one to finish first all the time – with this cream you can give your partner an amazingly satisfying orgasm every time. Made...


Ready for a Workout? You won’t need to lift weights to get a pump with Stroke 29 Masturbation Cream. This cream will last you longer than any lube you’ll find! Empowered Products takes it to a whole new level by making the Stroke 29 not only stay slippery, it’ll change consistencies to keep the stimulation always at max! Where else...

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Be Forever 18! Well just your vagina anyways! Make him feel confident with his size and make yourself feel tighter than ever with the 18 Again Vaginal Shrink Cream. This cream is made to shrink and tighten the vagina for more intense sex. He’ll feel you squeeze him with every thrust, and you’ll definitely feel him grow bigger and bigger. First...