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Have You Tried The New Marc Dorcel Butt Plug with Geisha Ball Technology? We are very pleased to bring you the new anal plug from Marc Dorcel which integrates Geisha Ball Technology. This plug contains a patented pleasure ball which moves with your movement. The movement of the ball creates highly pleasurable vibrations and sensations around the anal opening. The...

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Make the Cock Ring Fit to YOUR Needs! Sick of cock rings that eventually are too tight and uncomfortable? Maybe you’re firmer than usual today and want something a little looser. Maybe your partner wants to have some control over your orgasm but can’t because your cock ring’s only feature is that it’s tight. All these problems can be solved...

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Do You Want a Luxury Vibrator Without the Huge Price Tag? The Dorcel Real Vibration M Vibrator is the perfect toy for you. Designed by famous toy designer Marc Dorcel, this arousing luxury vibe will increase your orgasm potential stroke by stroke. With 7 fully customizable vibration settings, you'll be able to find the perfect vibe sweet spot each and every...

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Want to Increase Your Orgasm Intensity By 2X? The new Dorcel Maximize Beaded Cock Ring is designed with your pleasure in mind. This highly stimulating and versatile cock ring will make you and your partner say "OH!" again and again. With its unique surrounding beads you're lady will get amazing clit stimulation! First Blush Benefits Surrounded with 9 Beads for...