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Little Genie

Little Genie Productions has been bringing couples closer and making people laugh since 1999. The company specializes in romantic games, party games, and kits for couples to experiment and explore. Little Genie believes that sex is fun, and even just talking about it is a hilariously good time. They are committed to excellence and want to produce the best products that emphasize fun and are still made with quality. Little Genie always wants to push boundaries a little further than before and allow you to have fun while being intimate. So think about introducing a new game into your playtime!

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No Pain, ALL Gain… Get all the fun and pleasure of anal sex without any of the pain. Little Genie’s Booty Call Anal Numbing Gel will put you at ease and make anal that much better. Simply apply a little bit of this deliciously cherry-flavored gel to your anal opening and after around 10 minutes it’ll absorb into the skin...

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Be Forever 18! Well just your vagina anyways! Make him feel confident with his size and make yourself feel tighter than ever with the 18 Again Vaginal Shrink Cream. This cream is made to shrink and tighten the vagina for more intense sex. He’ll feel you squeeze him with every thrust, and you’ll definitely feel him grow bigger and bigger. First...

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Amazing! The Must Buy Game this Year! The new Choose Your Pleasure Game will spice things up between you and your partner. Simply roll the dice and pick the card that says Him or Her. You'll have two sexy choices. Pick one and do it! You and your partner will absolutely love this game! First Blush Benefits Makes Foreplay Fun...

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Guaranteed laughs for your special ladies’ night! Think Pictionary with penises. Draw a card, and then try to draw the word or phrase for your friends to guess. It’s sure to leave you all rolling with laughter. First Blush Benefits: 75 Picture it cards to draw from, so you can play for hours Players try to guess your funny drawings,...

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Unique way to spice up your love life and put a twist to your parties! A game designed for lovers! Behind Closed Doors guarantees tons of fun and a unique twist to your foreplay. How to play: the winner is the one that makes it to the Winner’s Circle first. But, there’s a trick. Along the way, players roll the...