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Laid has an interesting background. It got its start in 2007 when the Norwegian company’s founder created a sex toy for couples as part of her Masters in Industrial Design. The founder, Lina Andersen, got a business partner, and the two researched the sex toy industry and put all of their effort into design and development. The result is a collection of toys that are designed with your pleasure and well being in mind. In fact, Laid is the first company of its kind in Norway. Laid is becoming widely known as a manufacturer of high-quality toys for women and men.

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Have You Heard of the 300 Million Year Old Mythical Moon Stone? We hadn't either, until we received one mysteriously from a strange but highly talented stone carver from Larvik, Norway. Our Master stone carver informed us that a new, but small, deposit of moon stone was recently found in the depths of the earth And according to Norwegian lore,...