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KinkLab understands that kink is something you discover over time, and they want to supply the adventurous individual with erotic, fun, and daring toys and accessories. The company is dedicated to creating high quality products that are still affordable. In fact, they even put effort into package design, some of which can double as toy storage. KinkLab is known for their leather products, as well as erotic electro toys. Some of what they produce is perfect for beginners, while other are better for the more experienced. Their products are designed to last a long time, and we promise you’ll want to use them again and again. Put some kink in your life—you know you want to! Say goodbye, vanilla!

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Have You Seen the Shocking New Electro Neon Wand Kit? Kinklabs has released the perfect kit for electro-junkies of all experience levels. The new Neon Wand Kit is sure to dazzle and daze you and your partner over and over again with its electric touch. The erotically designed wand with over twenty years of research, is very user-friendly and easy to...

2 reviews
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Perfect for an electrifying pleasure play that sensitizes you to your very core Designed by Kink Labs, the Neon Wand is definitely one of a kind tool that arouses your pleasure points with its unique shock inducing technology. A complete state of the art electro stimulation kit comes equipped with 4 different kinds of glass electrode accessories - a Mushroom...

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Experiment With Some Electro Play If you are eager to up the stimulation in the bedroom, this Power Tripper attachment may just be what you are looking for. This clever device will turn your partner into an electrode. Every touch, whether kissing, tickling, spanking, oral sex and penetration, will be transformed as their entire body becomes a conductive platform for...

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An Attachment That Both Men and Women Can Enjoy This uniquely shaped attachment will ensure you enjoy ultimate pleasure as the Double Agent provides dual stimulation of your most erogenous zones. The contoured, textured head nestles either against the upper wall of the vagina or anal canal, easily targeting the g-spot or prostate. While the full coverage, stimulator base will...

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Hate Cleaning Lube Stains? The last thing you want to deal with after a hot love-making session is to deal with a giant mess. Kinklabs is here to help you out with their Lube Shooter – so you don’t have to worry about stains on your sheets. Simply fill the disposable, easy-to-clean Lube Shooter with your favorite lubricant and apply...

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Get Locked and Loaded! Looking to get a little wild in the bedroom tonight? Make sure you have all the equipment you need before the party gets started. This Nickle Plated Snap Hook Set is the perfect package to have just in case you're ready for action but your equipment isn't.  This hook set is ideal for quickly connecting collars,...

1 review
In Stock

Ultimate G-spot or P-spot Stimulation A massager has never been able to pleasure you this well. Thanks to its unique curved design, the G-spot attachment will reach in with its 4 inches of insertable length and easily stimulate your g-spot or p-spot and provide you with a mind-blowing experience. The shaft itself has some flexibility and give, but is certainly...