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Kegel Exercisers & Sets

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"For an ultimate experience in luxury, there is no better pleasure than LELO" —GQ Make you and your partner's next encounter extra intimate and special with the new LELO Oden 2. This highly versatile couple's pleasure ring is remote controlled with a exciting range of up to 39 feet! Keep your lover in constant pleasure easily as you get closer...

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Want to Get Stronger & Tighter, & Have More Intense Orgasm Without Any Extra Effort? Then welcome to Luna Beads from LELO. These beads are specifically designed with women in mind. Coming in 2 different weights, you can easily train your pelvic muscles to become stronger and tighter. And guess what? It's super easy. Just wear the Luna Beads around...

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Give Your Lover a Tight Squeeze! The Lelo Mini Luna Beads are world-renowned Kegel weights – the perfect tool for a tighter vagina, more intense orgasms, better sex (for you and your partner) and reduced risk of incontinence! The mini Luna Beads will fit better since they’re more compact and are designed for women who have not given birth before....

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Want Stronger Orgasms, Stronger Pelvic Control, and a Tighter Vajayjay with No Extra Work? Then check out the Ami Pelvic Weights. These perfect little weights are discreet and enable you to strengthen you vaginal muscles anytime, anywhere. Simply apply some of your favorite water-based lube and slide the weights in. Their patented shape and strengthening action gives your girl the...

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Recommended by the one and only Cosmopolitan magazine. Designed for an out of this world clitoral stimulation, the Evi is more than just a regular dildo. It requires no vibration, but still delivers a sensual experience like no other. Its functions strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which help perform strong grips during intercourse, which in exchange brings more pleasure to...

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Need a Kegel Toy You Can Trust? Increase your overall sexual health with the new Jopen Key Mini Stella II Kegel Ball Set. This luxurious, discreet, intimate toy is perfect for women of all ages to tighten and tone their pelvic floor after giving birth or for general health. But the best part is that it's easy and feels amazing! Simply...

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Better Than Coffee for Energy! Get healthy bursts of energy all day long with the new Jopen Key Mini Stella I Kegel Ball Set. This highly versatile pleasure ball set will keep you full of vigor and energy throughout the day by providing a constant stream of pleasurable sensations flowing through your body. Kegel balls not only help increase your...

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Learn to FLEX...Down There! Give your love life a little extra strength with the new OhMiBod Lovelife Flex Kegel Weights. These anatomically designed kegel weights will give your sexual health the boost that it needs! This 3-set of weights was created to help women build their up their PC strength for increase sexual health and well-being. The beginner weight has one...

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Staying up all night playing with White is a sure way to a good time. White Nights Pleasure Kit is triple the fun, triple the pleasure and includes all the toys you will need for making an extraordinary evening: Vanilla scented massage oil Single-speed Pocket Rocket focuses on clitoral stimulation, and its nubby head adds a massaging effect to your clitoral...