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Jeweled Butt Plugs

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Bedazzle your sex toys and give them a new look! The colorful Solid Steel Jeweled Butt Plugs are a perfect choice for anyone, beginners as well as advanced players who are looking for extra anal stimulation. This sophisticated butt plug boasts a unique design, and a colorful security base. Choose from 13 exciting colors! The Solid Steel Jeweled Butt Plug...

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Test the Waters of Anal Play If you are eager to test out the pleasures of anal play then this Jeweled Butt Plug, available in a small size, is the ideal way to get started. The soft silicone plug with its tapered design will slide in gently and will allow you to test out whether anal play is for you,...

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Are you ready for some gold star anal play? This luxuriant, uniquely shaped plug from Pipedream's Fetish Fantasy Gold line is made of super-slick, ultra-hygienic gold-hued anodized aluminium, this pieces' blissfully firm, fantastically temperature receptive surface translates amazingly well into some weighty anal play.  The plug itself is tapered for easy insertion and ribbed along its shaft for enhanced stimulation and pleasure. With just...

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Bling and Pleasure All-in-one Whether you are a complete beginner or a more advanced player when it comes to anal stimulation, this Spade Petite Jewel Aluminum Anal Plug will provide an arousing experience for all comers.   The highly polished, slighted weighted aluminum anal plug makes for a seamless entry, thanks to its tapered tip. Not only will this butt...

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Push the Limits of Anal Play If you are ready to push the limits of your anal play then you have come to the right place. Not only will this butt plug provide you with a truly arousing stimulation, it is also incredibly pretty, adding a bit of sparkle to your anal play. Pick your color, with a choice of...

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Treat your royal rump to this premium jeweled butt plug. Premium silicone and intelligent design combine for a butt play experience that is safe and oh-so satisfying. The medium sized plug is perfect for those who are ready to take off the training wheels. The girthy tapered shape slips inside with ease. Once in, it’s plugged, pleasuring your prostate like...