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ID Lube

Science is at the heart of ID Lube. Backed by their own laboratory, ID Lube specializes in creating high quality lubricants that last longer and feel natural and effective. Their lab is dedicated to research and design to constantly improve on their already excellent products. After all, lubricants are an important part of any playtime, especially if there is anal play or toys involved. The last thing you want to feel is uncomfortable friction—ouch! So the next time you’re getting ready to play solo or with a lover, make sure you have plenty of lube on hand—ID Lube works great!

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So Your Partner's Out of Town, Huh? You're bored. There's nothing on TV. You're thinking about just turning in for the night. (A Friday night!) And you've had a long day at work. And your partner had to go away on a business trip. You think for a minute. You remember that amazing tingling lube you bought last month. Where...

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A Lube So Yummy You Can Eat it From the Bottle! Have you tried North America's #1 best tasting lube? Now you can. Slather some on and let your partner feast. They won't want to come up for air! With 5 mouth-watering flavors, it's like eating candy (without the sugar!). First Blush Benefits Water-Based & Water Soluble 5 Different Flavors...

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Brrr It's Chilly... A bit of cold is nothing to worry about when you can spice things up with ID Lube’s Sensation Warming Lubricant. The Sensation Warming Lubricant has an amazing slippery consistency combined with a warm toasty tingle. Whether you’re trying it alone, with your favorite toy or with a partner, be ready for a blazing kick that’ll light...