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Gun Oil

It’s not quite what you think. Gun Oil is personal lubrication that’s made specifically by men and for men. Interestingly, Gun Oil was inspired by the product’s founder, who served in the Marines. This particular Marine recalled that many soldiers would use gun oil for personal relief. He then adapted the properties of gun oil and created a hypoallergenic and safe product that’s perfect for men playing solo or with a partner. The makers of Gun Oil know what masculine sexuality is all about, and we’re sure you’ll love the sensual feel and satisfying lasting power of Gun Oil products.

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Ready for a Workout? You won’t need to lift weights to get a pump with Stroke 29 Masturbation Cream. This cream will last you longer than any lube you’ll find! Empowered Products takes it to a whole new level by making the Stroke 29 not only stay slippery, it’ll change consistencies to keep the stimulation always at max! Where else...

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Ready to Polish Your Rifle? The best lubricant you can get: The Gun Oil H2O from Empowered Products is amazingly slick and stays that way longer. It’s so good, you won’t believe it’s actually a water-based lubricant! These guys have put in work to making a wonderfully luxurious lubricant that’s not only smooth and enjoyable, it’s also easy to clean...

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Power of Pink Don’t underestimate this lube because of its cute design! Pink Water consists of high quality ingredients and performs way better than your average lubricant. Made with a water-based formula consisting of Aloe Vera, this lube is gentle and moisturizes your skin, yet because it is highly concentrated, it’ll stay slick and smooth longer! Also forget about disgusting...