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Empire Labs

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Take Your Vibrating Lover's Cock Wherever You Go! Are you or your lover away from each other for long (or even short) periods of time? Wish he could be with you, inside you? Now he can! Empire's insanely popular Clone-A-Willy is one of our most popular vibrator kits ever! It's simple, easy to use, and very, very quick! Simply mix the...

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Your very own dildo maker! This liquid skin refill is perfect to recreate your very own dildo! All you need to do is get some more rubber or molding containers, and you’ll be all set!v A perfect gift for your pleasure-loving friend that’s looking for a new DIY project. First Blush Benefits Create your very own pleasure toy! Made of...

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  A chocolate willy? Yes, please! Create a lip-smacking treat and make a delicious chocolate replica of your own (or someone else’s) willy! This fun kit is a perfect bachelorette or a birthday party gift! Absolutely hilarious! Delicious and erotic, this kit enables you to create a replica of a penis. Just make sure to ask the real owner’s permission...

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A unique present for your bachelorette buddy! Looking for a fun, practical gift that’ll definitely be the laugh of the party? Whether it’s a bachelorette party, a birthday, or a regular event, this Moulding Kit is on a whole another level of practical jokes. The kit contains a cylindrical package that allows you to recreate a man’s penis in useable...