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Ejaculating Dildos

Ejaculating dildos are ergonomically shaped to meet your every need, and are a great masturbation toy to relieve your sexual cravings. If you've tried a regular dildo before and found it to be wanting, a squirting dildo is just the thing to help you achieve your perfect big-O! Man or woman, young or old, these dildos are made to pleasure everyone. Need help choosing? Give our customer support a shout and we'll be happy to guide you on your path to sexual liberation!

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Think You Can Get That Cum-Filled Feeling From Only a Real Cock? Think again. Doc Johnson's new Ejaculating Realistic Cock will fill you up with hot steamy cum every time. Its ultra realistic and anatomically correct penis was moulded from a real penis, and the included Nut Butter looks and feels exactly like real cum. You'll get the amazing feeling...

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Do You Love Getting Filled by a Man? Let yourself be filled with the new Doc Johnson Realistic Ejaculating 6 Inch Cock. This insanely realistic dong will have you riding with pleasure and getting nice and messy! With its textured and veiny shaft, this dildo is the perfect toy for those needing a little realism. Its contoured head mimics a man's...