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Blindfolds, Gags, & Collars

Are you and your partner looking to add a little spice to your bedroom activities? With planning, you can transform your sexual experiences. Take away a sense and heighten others with a blindfold. Put a stop to that naughty backtalk with a gag. And lay ultimate claim with the assistance of a collar (and maybe a leash to go with it).

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9 Reviews
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The Perfect BDSM Set for Beginners! Enjoy perfect BDSM fun with the new Beginner's Bondage Fantasy Kit. Made with soft nylon material, this kit is the perfect set for couples looking to try something new in the bedroom. With its introductory restraints and blindfold, you and your partner can explore intimate new pleasure. First Blush Benefits Perfect, Soft Bondage Kit...

1 review
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Tired of Your Slave Talking Back? This ball gag training kit from Pipedream's Fetish Fantasy Series is the ultimate slave training system. Simply take the ball that best fits your slave and put it in his or her mouth. Adjust the comfortable leather strap to snugly fit their head. Now they won't be able to say a word. Sweet silence!...

$21.99 $30.99
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He reaches down, lifts my chin, and plants a soft wet kiss on my lips before slipping the blindfold over my eyes. I can see nothing... I am so aroused... already.  —E.L. James, Fifty Shades of Grey Bring your sex life into the darkness with the Fifty Shades of Grey Collection blindfolds, designed to make you and your partner completely blind....

1 review
$21.99 $26.99
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Are You New to the BDSM World? Check out the new Sex & Mischief Intro to S & M Kit. This versatile kit is designed with the bondage newbie in mind. Use the included 16" flogger to whip and tease your naughty partner. These long-tailed strands will have your slave moaning with pleasure... and a little bit of pain! Make...

5 Reviews
$23.99 $32.99
In Stock

Do You Have an Oral Fixation? So do we. And that's why we're especially excited to introduce the new Fetish Fantasy Extreme Spider Gag! Just like the pros, you too can be gagged and forced to lick, suck, and swallow! Sounds like fun, right? First Blush Benefits Perfectly Fits the Mouth, No Jaw Strain Strap Adjusts to Fit Most Sizes...

In Stock

Tired of Hearing Your Naughty Slave Whine? The new Breathable Ball Gag from the Fetish Fantasy collection will keep your partner nice and quiet. Simply place the ball in your partner's mouth and strap the gag around their head. Then do all the naughty things you want to them without a word of protest! First Blush Benefits Breathable Gag for...

In Stock

Shhhh..! Is your naughty partner just a little too vocal? The new Sinful Ball Gag from NS Novelties will fix that up in a pinch! With its simple-to-adjust strap, your partner will be super comfortable and can wear this toy for hours. Simply place the ball in your partner's mouth and fasten the strap. They can breathe perfectly, but they...

2 Reviews
In Stock

Diamonds Are Forever! The new Bound By Diamonds Open Ring Gag is the best new toy BDSM fanatics can add to their collection! This versitile, diamond studded, adjustable strap fits perfectly over your head giving you the ultimate in comfort and ease. Simply insert the ring into your mouth and let your partner have their way with you! First Blush...