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CBX Male Chastity

Most people are good and some people are naughty. And naughty people deserve to be punished. CB-X understands this and has become an expert in one very particular solution. For those ready for a serious answer to dealing with a naughty partner, the answer is a chastity belt. CB-X specializes in shutting things down, leading to exquisite pleasure down the road. For those interested in deprivation, investing in a CB-X product may be just what you’ve been looking for. They don’t cater to novices, but experienced players will love the quality and durability of CB-X products. You can even find one to match your wicked aesthetics.

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"Do You Touch Yourself Too Much?" Get your hands out of your pants! With the CB-6000 Cock Cage and Lock Set you won't have anymore access to your favorite erogenous zone. Lock it up and throw away the key! (Or give the key to your partner) And experience the pleasure in sexual deprivation. Feel the cold plastic encasing your cock....

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Keep total control over his cock. The CB-3000 Male Chastity Device keeps your man comfortably confined, so it’s great for long-term use. The PVC plastic cage contains the flaccid penis, while keeping a low-profile that he can hide under his clothes. This device lets you keep him confined for long-term sessions. A large opening at the tip allows him to...