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Booty Glove

It’s a toy like no other, and once you get your hands on it, you won’t want to let it go. The Booty Glove does indeed fit like one and is a fun experience for both men and women. Part of what makes the Booty Glove stand out is how versatile it really it. It’s great for solo or partner play. The glove is equipped with textures and nubs that will aid clitoral or anal stimulation and help you or your partner get to that spectacular orgasm we all want. Add something new to your collection by slipping into the Booty Glove.

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You Know What They Say? No Glove, No Love The new Booty Glove Masturbator is the perfect addition to your masturbation toolkit. This handy toy fits most sizes and is made from super-soft and stretchy jelly material. The booty glove is perfect for guys and gals! Just put the glove on your hand and start playing as you normally would....