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Ball and Chain

The name of the game is fun, and that’s what’s at the very heart of Ball and Chain. Ball and Chain specializes in games for parties and couples designed to bring laughter, joy, and of course, some sexiness. Ball and Chain has brought good times to people all over the world since 2003, and their games and novelties are meant to ignite a spark in the bedroom and get the party started. There are even games for parties—who knows where that can take you! If you’ve never tried games before, Ball and Chain may be just the place to start!

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Need a Sexy, Fun, & Easy to Play Game? We've got just the thing. Our new The Bedroom Game is the perfect game to play with your partner on any evening of the week. Just roll the dice and pick a card and let the fun begin! Use this game to heighten your intimacy and have a great, relaxing, night....