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Anal Kit

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Congratulations! You've Found the Best Beginners Anal Set Ever! Doc Johnson's Juli Ashton's Anal Beginners Kit is the perfect budget starting kit for any curious anal newbie. With 3 different sized plugs, a vibrator and a bottle of lubricant, you won't even need to buy anything else for your anal adventures. The included plugs graduate in size from small to...

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Having Trouble Finding a Great Beginner's Anal Set? Then the Colt Anal Trainer Kit is the perfect set for you. These three graduated plugs are an excellent training tool for the anal beginner. Begin with the small plug, a simple 4" in length. This plug allows for pain-free anal adventures. Get all the benefits and pleasures of anal play without...

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What's Your Deepest Anal Fantasy? We'd like to know. Better yet, why don't you turn your fantasy into reality. The Anal Fantasy Beginners Kit is the perfect starting point for any anal novice. With four standard anal toys included, you can try them all before buying something more expensive! Each of the toys is perfectly moulded with the beginner in...

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A Great Way to Test the Waters of Anal Play Before You Plunge In Whether you are a complete newbie or have some limited experience, the Wendy Williams Anal Trainer Kit is the perfect way for you to experiment in the stimulating world of anal play. The kit includes three variously sized and shaped anal plugs that start off small...

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The Perfect Way to Start Your Thrilling Anal Play! If you’re looking for something to kick you off into the world of anal play – then look no further, the Crystal Jellies Anal Starter Kit will shape you up to size! This set comes with three plugs, each with a flat base so you can be comfortable and wear these...

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Feed your fantasies with brand new thrills! Looking for a versatile product to spice up your sex play? The Fantasy Deluxe Anal Toy Kit impressively showcases every type of anal toy currently on the market! Perfect for beginners looking to try every toy until they find their favorite, while advanced users will be thrilled to have a large selection to...

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A perfect introduction to the world of anal play! The Beginners Anal Bead kit is perfect for those who have shied away from anal play - you’re in for a brand new adventure. The set consists of three types of anal beads with three different sizes. Start off with number 1, a gentle 5-inch set and gradually make your way...

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A Clean Butt is a Happy Butt Use the Clean Stream Water Bottle Cleansing Kit for the ultimate deep cleanse before your night of anal fun! This kit has everything you need for both a comfortable and thorough cleaning. It includes a tapered and nozzle tip, an easy to use hook, a clamp for flow control, an adapter and 5...