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Aloe Cadabra Lubes

Personal lubricants are practically essential if you want to play with toys, and for many, lubricants will help any sexual activity become more slippery and fun. However, there are a lot of lubes on the market, and not all are created equally. That’s where AloeCadabra comes in. AloeCadabra has developed naturally-derived vaginal lubricant that lacks some of those weird mystery ingredients you may find in other lubes. All-natural and organic, AloeCadabra is a great choice for women of all ages and will help ensure that you have a liberating sexual experience free of toxins and harsh chemicals that have no business near your most personal areas.

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Edible, soothing, moisturizing,... everything you want your lubricant to be. A high-quality lube can easily bring brand new sensations into your sex life. Aloe Cadabra lubricants are long-lasting, completely natural, and free from any harmful chemicals. Made with a formula designed to be soothing on the skin, this collection will moisturize, heal and rejuvenate. As an added bonus, the natural...

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Looking for Lube That’s Natural & Organic? You won’t find any lubricant that’s more organic and more enriched with natural ingredients than the Aloe Cadabra Organic Lubricant. Perfectly safe with condoms and safe to ingest, you can put your worries away and focus on the pleasure! Not only is this lubricant perfect for those who are more health conscience, you’ll...

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If you like Pina Colada… you’ll love this edible lubricant! When it comes to selecting the right lube, be on the lookout for high-quality and natural ingredients. And that’s exactly what the Aloe Cadabra collection brings. This moisturizing lube is made from the soothing Aloe Vera, perfect for easily irritable skin and safe for all skin types. Its natural ingredients...