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  • by My First Blush on October 07, 2019

Necrophilia is a sexual attraction to corpses. The term is also known as necrocoitus, necrophilism, thanatophilia, and necrolagnia. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association classifies the necrophilia as a paraphilia, and the psychologists believe that the necrophiliacs' most common motive is control over a partner that does not repel.

Today, the necrophilia is considered as a rare form of paraphilia. In the cases where it exists, it is regularly carried out as role-playing or form of fantasy. 

When it comes to forms of necrophilia, there are three main forms. 

The first form is a necrophilic homicide. This form of necrophilia includes homicidal necrophiliacs who are driven to murder other people so that they can have sex with the victim's corpse. Further, depending on their behavioral axes, the homicidal necrophiliacs are divided into eight different categories. Among the most famous necrophiliacs of this kind are Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy.

The second form of necrophilia is something called regular necrophilia. This kind involves necrophiliacs who have a desire to have intercourse with a corpse that they have not murdered. 

Finally, the third necrophilia kind is known as necrophilic fantasy. As the term suggests, it involves a necrophiliac who only fantasizes about having sex with a corpse but never actually acts on their fantasies. 

Although the necrophilia is believed to be a rare form of paraphilia, many people do find pleasure in watching necrophilia porn. While the individuals who embrace necrophilia porn can belong to any of the mentioned categories, psychologists believe the majority of them are necrophilic fantasists.

Stated by psychologists, some other motives for necrophilia include attraction to corpses, the need to exercise power over a victim, feeling isolated and in need of connection, as well as a wish to be with a now-deceased partner.