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Monkey Rocker

  • by My First Blush on October 07, 2019

The Monkey Rocker also called sex glider, is a self-powered, proprietary sex machine that works just like a rocking chair. Unlike a basic rocking chair, the Money Rocker does not have a seat and a back, but a gap in the center where a dildo, or any other sex toy, can be placed. Due to this, the Monkey Rocker is often called dildo rocker as well.

The Monkey Rocker sex machine is designed in a way that it simulates intercourse because of the gliding motion. The users are able to control the speed and the depth of the penetration by using the handle or their legs for leverage. 

The sex gliders, despite being primarily made for a solo pay, can also be used with a partner. Usually, such situations involve a partner who is using the Monkey Rocker and a partner who either watches the action or pleases the partner additionally. In case of additional play, the other partner can satisfy their partner orally, or use other sex toys such as ticklers or whips to enhance the experience of the partner who is already being sexually pleased. 

As mentioned, the Monkey Rocker is compatible with other sex toys besides dildos. To take advantage of this sex furniture, it is best to try it out with different sex toys and see which one gives you the greatest pleasure.